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Is There a Simpler Way to Invest in Real Estate?

"One without the high down payments, industry complexities, and extensive time commitment? At Relli, we believe there is!"

Investing, Simplified

We make it possible to invest in the best real estate opportunities.

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Non-accredited and accredited investors can get started with only $100.

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We charge ZERO fees to purchase or to cash out after the first year.

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Let the professionals manage the property development and tenants.

Featured Properties

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LA Vereda

Tustin, CA

128 Investors | $415,100 Raised

2,500,000 Goal

Coming Soon!

The Tech Park

New York, NY

280 Investors | $300,345 Raised

1,300,000 Goal

Coming Soon!

The Chateau

San Diego, CA

528 Investors | $557,740 Raised

1,200,000 Goal

1. Explore Properties

Search for properties based on annual return, potential appreciation, and location. Find options that align with your investment goals for steady returns and significant growth.

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2. Invest At Your Pace

Relli divides each property into $10 shares, allowing you to invest as little or as much as you want. Purchase shares to earn a portion of the rental income and benefit from property value growth.

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3. Earn with Ease

Sit back while the developer handles property development and management with their years of industry experience. Receive your earnings quarterly,and monitor your results in your dashboard.

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Handpicked by Experts

Our team analyzes thousands of properties, selecting only the finest for you.


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Hear From The Community

They were very kind and responded to my emails quickly and answered all my questions.

Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson

Austin, Texas

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Frequently Asked Questions


You're buying a portion of a property, which gives you part ownership. This approach allows you to earn from rental income if the property is rented out and benefit from an increase in the property's value over time.


Relli employs a rigorous selection process. Our team of experts evaluates potential properties based on location, potential for appreciation, historical performance, and alignment with our investors' goals.


While we carefully select properties, we understand that the real estate market can be unpredictable. However, we believe that our methods of scrutinizing risk will provide our investors the best chance at diversifying their money into real estate.