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Cove Capital

San Diego, California

Cove Capital offers short-term passive income solutions like investment portfolios, real estate crowdfunding, and automated trading. They focus on client empowerment and financial independence, targeting individual and professional investors with a commitment to transparency and innovation.



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Fix N Flips

Cove Capital employs a fix-and-flip strategy, focusing on buying undervalued properties, renovating them, and selling at a profit. This method relies on detailed market analysis and efficient project management to ensure high returns and sustainable growth for investors.


Meet the Founders

Daniel Hack
Daniel Hack

Brent VanderVeen
Brent VanderVeen

Britney Warwick
Britney Warwick

Casey Chapman
Casey Chapman

Developer Properties

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The Chateau

San Diego, CA

528 Investors | $557,740 Raised

1,200,000 Goal

Coming Soon!

Oceanside Cove

Oceanside, CA

233 Investors | $70,932 Raised

1,000,000 Goal