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Frequently Asked Questions


Relli functions as an exchange for real estate developers to raise capital from Retail Investors. By establishing an asset holding company and securing its registration with the SEC, the principals can facilitate a public offering. Enabling retail investors to aquire shares in thier project. Depending on the size of the project, there are a few available registration with associated requirements. Schedule an appointment to learn more about how to register your next project.


To start raising capital with Relli, schedule an appointment with our team to discuss your background as a Real Estate Professional and your track record of success in your niche. We will collect a deal package similar to a loan application detailing the principals, the business entity, the project and the financial projections for success. After passing the underwriting process, Relli will deliver a proposal detailing the cost and requirements associated with creating and managing a public offering. Finally, we will work with our network of preferred vendors to expedite your registration through the SEC and list your property nationwide.


In order to qualify as a Developer on the Relli Platform, there are only a few necessary requirements. NO BAD ACTORS. 5 Years Minimum Experience. Provable Track Record of Success. Clean Background Check.


Relli makes Investor Relations easy. Through our Marketplace, we can list public offerings, raise capital from investors, and manage the investors through the lifecycle of the investment.


Relli facilitates the entire process of public offering from begining to end. Being that each offering is unique, pricing for underwriting, registration, listing and associated services are built specifically for each offering. Factors include but are not limited too: Project Type, Eligibility, Project Size and State.