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Impact Growth Capital

San Antonio, Texas

Recapitalize and expand Peaceful Lane Village, refinance and use proceeds to acquire and redevelop additional Mobile Home Community, refinance and return 100% of investor capital at or around years 5-6, then hold for 10-20+ years, expanding the fund’s holdings and cashflow through multiple refinances and the potential acquisition of new assets. The value add strategy on each community will be accomplished by increasing occupancy, improving management, back-billing utilities, and increasing rents.



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Impact Growth Capital is vertically integrated with IG Property Managment, which has deep expertise in property management while Impact Growth Development handles all construction aspects of each project enabling us to keep costs far below third parties. This enables ultimate control over the performance of our assets, speed of development, and expenses along with a host of other benefits.


Meet the Founders

Sam Sells
Sam Sells

Founder & CEO

Jesse Sells
Jesse Sells

Co-Founder & COO

Setema Gali
Setema Gali

Fund Manager

Tony Bozzi
Tony Bozzi

Investor Relations

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Growth Fund

New Braunfels, TX

100 Investors | $20,000 Raised

3,000,000 Goal