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Los Angeles, California

Relli Development innovates in real estate, creating unique residential and commercial spaces with a focus on quality, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction. We aim to enrich communities and improve living experiences with integrity and innovation.



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Our investment approach is rooted in transforming commercial properties into prime, long-term rental spaces. By modernizing facilities and incorporating sustainable features, we aim to boost both their functionality and environmental performance. This strategy ensures our commercial properties offer attractive returns and support the prosperity of the surrounding community, appealing to businesses and professionals seeking high-quality, sustainable rental options.


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Ali Nowaid
Ali Nowaid

Developer Properties

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The Riverfront

Redding, CA

155 Investors | $491,141 Raised

1,000,000 Goal

Coming Soon!

The Heights

San Diego, CA

2,003 Investors | $680,300 Raised

2,000,000 Goal

Coming Soon!

The Seashore

Eureka, CA

657 Investors | $350,431 Raised

1,800,000 Goal