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Commissioning, Sustainability, RE Consulting

Mazzetti is an employee-owned benefit corporation, committed to creating healthier, enduring environments. Though our story began with a small team of MEP engineers, almost 60 years later, we’ve grown to 200+ people, in locations across the U.S. (and in India) with diverse expertise addressing the spectrum of client needs in the built environment. Mazzetti consultants deliver world-class MEP engineering and technology solutions, rooted in local culture . We aid clients in the planning, designing, optimizing, equipping, illuminating, sustaining, even “reimagining” of environments, as appropriate. We intentionally work predominately in the Healthcare industry, notorious for its energy-intensive, highly complex, highly regulated buildings, AND highly impactful relationship with communities. This is our calling. Mazzetti thoughtfully connects people, design, and technology to create lasting, positive impact.

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